Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hi Readers - Me and My Life

This is my first post on my first blog so it is fair enough that I introduce myself to the readers.

I am an outgoing, intelligent and outspoken person who prefers to keep an opinion and is fearless to speak it out. My motto of life is very simple, "Live it". 

Life is the most beautiful gift that is bestowed upon us by GOD and like we respect all  gifts we should also respect this one by living it to the fullest and not leave a stone unturned.

We have one life, which I often realize is very short so I like to do everything, almost everything, that crosses my mind. Be it dance, karaoke, makeup, reading, washing car (trust me, its fun xoxo), adventure sports, cooking, mis-chiefs blah blah..

My BLOG will reflect me and life as a whole so while reading it you are entitled to form your own opinion as I care the least about it :) :)

I am very spontaneous and dynamic so it happens that my interests also fluctuate a lot. I can proudly say that only constant thing in my life is change. As far as I remember, reading is the only passion that has been with,rather vice versa, I have been with it faithfully, since time immemorial. I like to read anything, just about anything. If it interests me, well and good, else I can always put it down and pick another beauty. However, that rarely happens, somehow I like everything I read, except some horrors ofcourse.

I have a short and sweet family who are the pillar of my life and everything I own. I know this might sound like a cliche( :p) but honestly it took me looooooooong to totally realize and now be proud of this fact.

Though I am working, however I would not discuss this on MY BLOG ever ever. I have a secret ritual that I follow. Ssshh.. the moment I step into that building I become a zombie and when I step out I get back into my skin. This way, I leave office worries and stories at the gate.

I hope you enjoy reading my BLOG !! 

Have a happy reading experience. Take Care :) :)

Shaily :) :)

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