Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My online shopping at Medplus ...

I have always been a fan of e-commerce websites. i started being on internet almost 10 years ago. That time there was no e-commerce websites available in India except ebay of-course. That too, I never shopped online, of-course I didn't have a bank account then.But honestly their mere absence used to irritate me a lot. 

Thanks to flipkart which brought this culture successfully in India. Later on fashionandyou followed. Now there is no looking back. I am very happy now. *bliss*.

I have purchased lot of books from flipkart (there is another story and passion behind this, which I will cover some other day) and have been very content with the ease and authenticity of their products.

Though I had started going online for my shopping but was always wary of shopping for two things, u guessed it right, cosmetics and clothes. I still am not very comfortable with the idea of shopping for clothes because I belong to that species who likes to try 20 different outfits to arrive at one and try the finalized one at-least 3 times to buy it. Yes, I am that picky :p;)

Anyways, coming back to the post,I  have recently started online shopping for cosmetics a lot. Though I do my due diligence and research, but still for a girl my type, its a huge leap of faith. 

I had this instant craving to get myself a new shower gel so I put on my research glasses and narrowed down on one. Step 2, now was the time to look for reliable website and best discount available. has over 20000 products and 400 brands.

For me, had the best discount available on the shower gel I was eyeing. I ended up ordering three items from it

1. Organic Surge Tropical Bergamot Moisturizing Shower Gel
2. Maybelline colossal Kajal - needed to replenish my kajal.
3. ECO-ESSENTIALS ABHYANGA AYUR SNAAN CHURN - curiosity bug bit me for this and its ayurvedic name allured me towards it.

Thumbs Up:

1. Availability - Wide range of products to choose from.
2. Many international range products available.
3. Price - Best discounts available, at-least for the items I ordered.
4. Authenticity - Claims 100 percent authentic products.
5. Security - Secure and easy payment gateway.

Thumbs Down:

1. I found the user interface bit tacky. No drop-down menu available on main page and I had to first click on the Product Category and then only it appears.
2. Some brands are still missing, though I  understand it might be because it is still in infant stage.

I am super excited already and cant wait to receive my order. Individual reviews will be coming in once I receive my order. 

Take Care, Love
Shaily :) :)

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